The Idle Forces: Army Tycoon

The Idle Forces: Army Tycoon

Become army commander in the military base and organize recruit training!

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4.6 ( 629 ratings )
Price: $0
Name The Idle Forces: Army Tycoon
Publisher Hot Siberians
Genre Games
Version 0.19.0
Update May 19, 2023
MOD Unlimited money
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The Idle Forces: Army Tycoon is the most famous version in the The Idle Forces: Army Tycoon series of publisher Hot Siberians
Mod Version 0.19.0
Total installs 1,000,000

Whats New

- Reduced stats requirements for Desert Base missions.
- Reduced time to complete missions and repair vehicles on Desert and Island bases.
- Added new quests to the Island Base.
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Idle Forces Army Tycoon Mod APK 

Are you ready to embark on a journey of strategic warfare and empire-building? Look no further than Idle Forces Army Tycoon Mod APK 0.19.0. This captivating mobile game allows you to become a powerful commander, leading your army to victory and building a formidable empire. In this article, we will explore the features and gameplay of Idle Forces Army Tycoon Mod APK 0.19.0, guiding you through the process of creating an unstoppable army and conquering your enemies.

Features of Idle Forces Army Tycoon Mod APK 0.19.0

Idle Forces Army Tycoon Mod APK 0.19.0 offers an array of exciting features that will keep you engaged for hours. Let’s delve into some of the key features:

Army Recruitment and Training

Recruit and train a variety of military units, including infantry, tanks, artillery, and more. Expand your army’s size and capabilities to become a formidable force on the battlefield.

Base Construction and Expansion

Build and upgrade your military base, fortifications, and resource-generating structures. Strategically plan the layout of your base to maximize efficiency and defense against enemy attacks.

Research and Technological Advancements

Invest in research to unlock advanced technologies and upgrades. Improve your units, weapons, and military strategies to gain a competitive edge over your adversaries.

Resource Management

Manage resources such as gold, oil, and food to support your army and base development. Efficient resource management is crucial for maintaining a strong military and economic foundation.

Alliance Formation

Join forces with other players by forming alliances. Coordinate attacks, share resources, and engage in strategic diplomacy to dominate the game world together.

Tactical Battles

Command your troops in thrilling battles against AI-controlled enemies or other players. Develop effective strategies, deploy your units strategically, and watch as the battlefield unfolds in real-time.

Building Your Army Empire

To establish a powerful army empire in Idle Forces Army Tycoon Mod APK 0.19.0, follow these steps:

1. Base Development

Begin by constructing and upgrading your base structures. Focus on resource-generating buildings, research facilities, and defense structures to lay a strong foundation for your empire.

2. Unit Recruitment and Training

Recruit a diverse range of military units to form a balanced and formidable army. Train your units regularly to improve their combat abilities and unlock advanced troops.

3. Research and Upgrades

Invest in research projects to unlock technological advancements and upgrades. Enhance your units, weapons, and base defenses to stay ahead of your rivals.

4. Resource Management

Efficiently manage your resources to ensure a steady supply for your army and base development. Allocate resources wisely and consider trade or alliances to strengthen your resource pool.

5. Diplomacy and Alliances

Forge alliances with other players to create a united front. Collaborate with your allies, strategize together, and support each other in times of need.

6. Tactical Battles

Engage in strategic battles to test your military prowess. Deploy your units wisely, exploit enemy weaknesses, and adapt your strategies based on the evolving battlefield.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can I play Idle Forces Army Tycoon Mod APK 0.19.0 offline?

Idle Forces Army Tycoon Mod APK 0.19.0 requires an internet connection to play. However, some game features may be accessible in offline mode.

Q2: Is Idle Forces Army Tycoon Mod APK 0.19.0 free to play?

Idle Forces Army Tycoon Mod APK 0.19.0 is available as a free-to-play game with optional in-app purchases. You can enjoy the game and progress without spending real money, but certain items or enhancements may be available for purchase.

Q3: Can I transfer my game progress to another device?

Yes, you can transfer your game progress to another device by connecting your game account to a platform or social media account. This allows you to continue your empire-building journey seamlessly.

Q4: Are there regular updates and new content in Idle Forces Army Tycoon Mod APK 0.19.0?

The developers of Idle Forces Army Tycoon Mod APK 0.19.0 regularly release updates, which may include new features, improvements, and additional content to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

Q5: How can I contact customer support for Idle Forces Army Tycoon Mod APK 0.19.0?

For any issues or inquiries, you can usually find customer support contact information within the game settings or on the official game website. Reach out to them for assistance or to report any problems you encounter.

Embark on your journey to build an unstoppable army empire in Idle Forces Army Tycoon Mod APK 0.19.0. Experience the thrill of strategic warfare, resource management, and tactical battles as you conquer your enemies and rise to the top.

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