Top 10 Article Generator Software in 2022 (Free and Paid)

Top 10 Article Generator Software in 2022 (Free and Paid)

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Top 10 Article Generator Software in 2022 (Free and Paid)


1. Conversion AI

Highlights: Many writing templates, flexible projects

Cons: Still not a great writer.

Website: is one of the best article generators on the net. It includes a number of functions and impressive output that make it a favorite writing assistant for many creators.Top 10 Article Generator Software in 2022 (Free and Paid)


You can use Generator for Blog Post Outlines, Articles, PAS Copy Ideas, Product Description, Creative Stories, Advertising, Product Features, Intelligent Quora Answers, Emails, Video Ideas, and more. comes in two plans: you can get $ 29 per month with Starter Plan or $ 109 per month with Pro.


The starter plan includes unlimited user sets, but is limited to 20,000 words, 400-character inputs, and 5 project folders. The Pro Plan offers unlimited word counts, 600-character input, and unlimited folders. However, it is limited to one user seat.Other features of the platform include 11 languages, such as English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, etc. More than 40 templates including sentence extensions and review of respondent’s writing features.


There is also an impressive “Sound Tone” module. It lets you differentiate between the voice of Witty, the voice of Steve Jobs, the voice of a skeptic, a servant, a king, a mathematician, and even Mother Theresa.

2. Article Forge

  • Highlights: Fast 60 second change, 7 languages, free trial
  • Cons: Content still needs editing.


The Article Forge system is also based on AI and offers a content writer who can create unique and standard articles on any topic in less than 60 seconds. It can write in English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.Article Forge is easy to use. Just enter keywords of your choice, including main and sub keyword. Then wait 60 seconds, and that’s it. AI is noth disciplines, including technology, business, health and finance.


You get a 5 day free trial with no wires attached. In addition, if you like Article Forge and buy a subscription, there is a 30 day money back guarantee.Although, there is only one plan, but the price varies depending on the billing cycle. For monthly billing, you pay $ 57, but when it is billed annually, it drops to $ 27. All article forge materials are of high quality and pass copy case.


  • Highlights: Sharp Rewrite, HTML and Article Forge Sync, Spent ex
  • Cons: An article is needed to work.


Although Word ai is not a purely article generator, it is still a useful tool for content creators and SEO professionals. Word ai lets you take a single, high quality article and convert it in multiple copies of the same quality, without duplicate content issues. This makes it easier to increase your marketing efforts.


This system handles a large number of rewrites, is HTML compatible, and allows easy edits. It also allows you to export the output as spontaneous or in bulk. In addition, it offers API integration for developers, as well as integration with Article Forge as always source of standard content.You can pay for the service at $ 49.95 per month or $ 24.95 per year. Both projects offer the same quality content that goes through Copy scape.

4. SEO content machine

  • Highlights: Multi-purpose, no limits, automation
  • Disadvantages: No free option.


As its name suggests, SEO Content Machine or SCM is designed for search engine optimization. Therefore, it comes with SEO professional requirements.


These features include multi-family support and Multi-purpose support for Marcos, Windows and Linux.SCM lets you easily select hundreds of sources for your articles. After that, it lets you drip on your PBN or your tiered attempts. It will insert relevant images, videos, lists and so on to make the article more Read enjoyable.You can feed it a file with all thousands of keywords and leave you to create all the content you need. You can also use it to query Google and rewrite, translate or download specific articles of your choice.


There is also Regen support and custom templates that help you work with programs like GSA SER, Senile, Ranker X, etc. In addition, this article supports a large list of spinners.

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The SEO Content Machine starts at $ 27 for monthly refills, $ 57 for 3 months, $ 120 for annual rebates, and $ 197 for a lifetime license.

5. Kafkai

  • Highlights: Unique AI content, flexible projects
  • Disadvantages: Output still needs modification.


Kafka I Article Generator is an online service backed by artificial intelligence, which enables it to create great articles often.


There are three ways to operate it, depending on your needs. The first mode creates simple articles with any times keyword that you feed.Kafka I supports specific niches on which it can write, including business, career, real estate, skin care, gardening, gambling, weight loss, and dozens more. Articles range from 500 to 900 words and are crafted from scratch, which makes them completely unique.


You will still need to spend a few minutes editing new articles. As Kafka is not perfect and can often produce stupid things.Plans range from $ 29 per month for 100 subjects to $ 49 per month for 250 subjects. You can also get 1,000 articles per month for 129 and 2,500 articles for $ 199. All plans offer 3 days free trial.

6. Writer

  • Highlights: Air-coolers writing assistant, unlimited content, 25 languages.
  • Disadvantages: No flexible plan.


If you like writing, but only have problems with the author’s block or difficulty researching your content, you can try a writing assistant like Writer.


You start by first selecting your content type, then adding some badge content, and it does the rest. Just edit your generated output and you’re ready to go.Retro helps you with blog sketches, business patches, and AIDS copies. It’s also great for interview questions, emails, landing pages, ad copy, profile bios, video ideas and more.

You can use the free version with a monthly limit of 5,000 characters or pay $ 29 per month for more than 20 usage cases and unlimited characters. You also get an account manager and preferential assistance with the paid plan.

7. Article

  • Highlights: Easily create or rewrite articles.


Articulo AI engine makes it easy to create new articles or rewrite old ones with little effort. Just type a few words to create or paste the text rewrite.Top 10 Article Generator Software in 2022 (Free and Paid)


The article first works to make sense of your input by analyzing it. Then, it finds the best source for the content, and puts it all together. This makes it easy to come up with good ideas without grammatical or spelling mistakes.The service also offers flexible pricing. You can buy 10 Article Credits for $ 19, 50 for $ 75, and 100 for $ 99. Although these credits do not expire. You can also get monthly subscriptions, starting at $ 29 for 30 articles, $ 49 for 100, and $ 99 for 250 articles, but they expire at the end of the month.

8. Copy Smith.

  • Highlights: plagiarism test, 35+ templates, 60+ languages.


Copy Smith uses artificial intelligence and templates to make content creation easier and faster. This includes plagiarism testing, a Chrome extension, third-party integration, and support for more than 60 languages.


You can use it to create ads for Amazon, Google, Facebook, and more. Or you can use it as a writing assistant for blog outlines, ideas and product descriptions. It also works well for meta tags, landing pages, headlines, tag lines, and more.The system also offers more impressive features such as the AIDAN framework, pain relief solutions, lists, captions, and YouTube descriptions.


Copy Smith is available in 3 plans. Starter, professional, and enterprise. The cost of a starter plan is $ 16 per month, when billed annually. And it comes with 20 theft checks and 50 credits. The Professional Plan costs $ 50 per month and includes 100 checks per month in addition to unlimited credits.

9. Zero AI Writer

  • Highlights: Easy to use, flexible, extra tools
  • Disadvantages: Limited features


Zero is a web host with many impressive tools and features. It offers web hosting packages ranging from small $ 2.90 monthly websites to thousands of product e-commerce sites.Top 10 Article Generator Software in 2022 (Free and Paid)


You can use Zero AI Writer for free, either directly from here or from your hosting account on the platform. It offers 12 categories that make it easy to create contextual content. And you can use a general category, but you’ll need to add some badge text.Zero also offers other AI tools to help the average webmaster and online business owner. These include brand name generator, enhanced UI design with heat map, logo maker, website importer, blog title generator, photo resizer etc.


One problem to consider here is that free tools generally do not take any responsibility from the provider. Therefore, you do not need to expect the same quality of output from this rewrite as you would expect from the full commercial version

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