The development of mentality-the key to sports motivation

The development of mentality-the key to sports motivation

Whether in professional, private life or sports, success starts in the mind. In order to reach your fitness goals and favorite sports, you not only need to exercise regularly, improve your skills, and adapt to eating habits, but you also need to adopt the right attitude. This is the so-called “growth thinking”: Stanford University psychology professor Carol Dweck (Carol Dweck) made this point in her book “Thinking: A Successful New Psychology.” Since then, this has been discovered in numerous studies (1, 2, 3, 4), which have shown that adopting the right way of thinking is essential to success (pursuit). But what is the so-called “development” mentality?

Fixed mentality VS. evolution

According to Dweck, there are two different mentalities: the so-called “fixed” state and the so-called “developmental state.” Have you ever thought that your body is not suitable for exercise? Are you too thin, too short, too heavy or too weak? Maybe you compare yourself with others and think you cannot adapt as quickly and effectively as others? This way of thinking is called a fixed way of thinking.

People with good ideas:

  • Believe that intelligence and talent are innate and cannot be changed
  • Think effort is negative
  • Avoid the challenge
  • Let failure frustrate you
  • Hard to accept criticism
  • View the success of others as competition

With this mentality, it is difficult to motivate yourself to participate in sports and achieve your goals. On the other hand, using development ideas can make things easier. People who look at things in this way believe that they can develop their abilities through hard work. They did not hesitate to accept new challenges, viewing criticism and failure as opportunities for learning. The success and achievements of others inspire them. No matter how talented these athletes are, their hard work and perseverance make them stand out. Studies have shown that an advanced mindset can improve self-efficacy, coping ability and self-esteem in some situations. This mentality also encourages you to practice more (5), which in turn increases your determination.

How to change mindset

Does any function of the fixed mindset sound familiar to you? Don’t panic, you are not alone. Fortunately, mental training allows you to reorganize things and move towards a more constructive mindset. The following tips will help you do this.

1. Redefine your concept of success

The important thing is not the goal, but the road. This may sound cliche, but in this case, it is very correct. Success in sports does not necessarily mean that you have to participate in a marathon, know how to maintain your balance or lift huge dumbbells. The important thing is to do your best and continuously improve yourself. Although your goal is to participate in a (half) marathon, don’t forget to celebrate your first 5k or 10k. You are cured, you should be proud of yourself. Need help setting goals? Then find out how personal goals work in adidas Running.

2. Accept setbacks and frustrations

Do you train regularly but still can’t do push-ups? Was your last run slower than expected? We all have setbacks. This is part of the game. Without them, life would be boring. However, every failure must be learned. Ask yourself if your goals are too high, and most importantly, don’t get angry how to adjust your exercise habits!

3. Don’t be afraid to innovate and accept new challenges

Get out of your comfort zone! You have always wanted to try boxing, but don’t you feel you have enough strength? Your friend invited you to climb with them, but are you worried that you can’t do it? Stop thinking, stick to it, and be stronger than excuses.

4. Accept criticism and inspire inspiration

Don’t be afraid of the success of others. Rather, it should be your inspiration. Please feel free to ask for comments and treat each comment as an opportunity to improve yourself. For example, try the following skills to find suitable warm-up conditions or prepare for the first marathon.

So, are you ready to change your way of thinking and achieve your goals? Therefore, please take part in the new “Train Like You” challenge in adidas Training to stimulate your motivation!

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