Sportswear>>4 tips for summer running

Sportswear>>4 tips for summer running

Summer is usually the season everyone is waiting for. However, running in a busy environment can quickly become a real challenge and slow down your training speed. One of the golden rules of summer is to plan a run in the early morning or evening. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen, especially moisturizer. If you plan to run for a long time, please bring a better bottle of water. Use a calculator to find out your fluid needs during exercise.

But this is not all! Choosing the right sportswear and materials can also help you better withstand the heat while running.

4 tips for wearing the right summer

1. Forget about cotton!

Clothes and shoes greatly contribute to the success of running training. Sweat and “overheating” caused by inappropriate sportswear can quickly become nightmares.

Therefore, always remember that  cotton and heat cannot be mixed  ! Why just because cotton absorbs and retains sweat… admit that wet clothes stick to the skin but it is uncomfortable! Instead, bet on breathable materials, such as the adidas Primeblue series of breathable materials made from recycled waste, which will be collected at sea before reaching the ocean. All products in this series contain at least 40% recycled materials.

2. Put on clothes that suit your body.

Running T-shirts or vests are made of lightweight, breathable materials to keep the body cool and dry. Their shape can also adapt to every movement of your body, and their length must be long enough so that they won’t slip off and disturb you during running. For shorts, make sure you also choose the right shorts. They should not be too tight, the correct length can avoid skin friction. Here, also bet breathable materials to sweat and keep dry.

3. Choose the right sports bra

Pay attention to all female athletes: buy high-quality sports bras! It is an important part of sportswear and needs to be carefully selected to avoid confusion when running. Choose a bra that is strong and comfortable, but most importantly, it allows you to breathe deeply without excessive compression.

4. Running shoes gain more power

High-quality running shoes are the best ally in the running process. This is a very personal choice, but when you find the right way, you can say it! -Without it, you will not be able to do it. The right running shoes will help you to make great strides and provide you with the motivation you need by adapting to the shape of your foot. When buying shoes, please consider several factors, such as the road you use most often: asphalt, forest trail or treadmill? How often do you train? Do you have a specific goal? Also, be sure to adjust your running shoes according to the weather, temperature or route height. When you choose the right sports shoes, forget to run, enjoy music and the surrounding scenery, there will be big differences between different models.

Now that you know how to run in summer, we wish you good exercise!

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