How to stay in good shape while running: techniques and exercises

How to stay in good shape while running: techniques and exercises

Many beginners soon find themselves out of breath during jogging. This usually means that they are running too fast. But this may also be due to their poor breathing control. In this article, we will tell you how to breathe well to improve running performance.

Stomach or chest?

Deep breathing in the abdomen (or stomach) is much deeper than deep breathing in the chest, because it only uses the upper part of the lungs, so you can absorb more air (maximum VO2). Inhaled air only stays in the lungs for a short time, which prevents complete ventilation and limits the amount of air inhaled and exhaled. Poor breathing technique during running is usually the cause of the horrible appearance of the sidebar.

On the contrary, deep breathing through the stomach is more effective because it can fill the entire capacity of the lungs. The air you breathe will also reach the lower lungs and stay longer, thereby increasing the absorption of oxygen.

How to use deep breathing

1.  Lie on the floor or sofa, put your hand or light book on your stomach.

2.  Breathe slowly and deeply. You should be able to see weight gain when you inhale and weight loss when you inhale.

3. When   trying to remove all air from the lungs, breathe in. With a little exercise, the stomach breathing is automatic and completely natural.

Breathing through the mouth or through the nostrils?

Generally, the goal should be to breathe as much oxygen as possible and release as much carbon dioxide as possible. Naturally, inhaling through your nose will not let you breathe as much air as possible. Therefore, it makes more sense to breathe deeply through your mouth while running. Indeed, because hair has a filtering effect, inhaling through your nose can improve the quality of the air you breathe, but it is not very good to deprive the body of maximum oxygen absorption after cooling. Found under pressure. As the intensity of running increases, you will soon find that inhaling through your nose will not absorb enough air.

Find a normal breathing rhythm

  • Low-intensity easy running: 3-3 (3 breathing steps, then 3 breathing steps).
  • In a game of reasonable intensity: 2-2
  • High power operation: 1-1

These indicators are for reference only and do not apply to all runners. The best way is to try different breathing speeds and find the most natural breathing method for you.

Some studies even rejected this suggestion of breathing rate. Depending on your breathing rate and mobility, the most important thing is to concentrate on breathing deeply and consciously through your stomach to extend the breathing and exhalation time.

In short:

Avoid short chest breathing, it is best to avoid long and deep chest breathing. Inhale through the nose and mouth at the same time, preferably through the latter. Try different breathing rhythms, and then choose the breathing rhythm that suits you best. Usually, the ideal pace will change over time.

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