Free Download USA Maps Kids Geography Games 1.1 APK

By | November 4, 2021

Presenting a brand new fun trivia educational geography game called “USA Maps Kids Geography Games”. In this game, you will learn everything about the United States of America. Explore the US Map, Cities, States, Capitals. Learn fun trivia, solve maps puzzles, quizzes, mini-games & many more all based on your favorite the United States of America.

Boost your knowledge of the USA with this fun & educational geography game for kids.

In the Explore section of the USA Maps Kids Geography Games, you just need to tap on any famous US monument, public figures, states, cities, flag, and an information card about those same will pop up giving you brief information & trivia on that particular person, city, state, flag or monument.

In this geography trivia & quiz game, you’ll learn everything about the USA with fun entertaining mini-games. These educational mini-games include:
1. Guess The State Name
2. Match The State Capital
3. Match The State Flag
4. State Jigsaw Puzzles
5. Identify The Neighbouring States
6. Find The State

The best part of this game is that its user interface is neat clean & kids friendly. This app is also advertisements-free, which means no annoying ads while playing & learning. The app works offline without WiFi or the internet.

In USA Maps Kids Geography Games, Whether it is a world-famous monument the Statue of Liberty, Hollywood sign, Formal President Barack Obama, Walt Disney, Golden Gate Bridge, or anything in the United States, Just tap on it to know everything about them. Learning about the United States of America in such a fun way has never been easier.

Download the fun educational “USA Maps Kids Geography Games” to get more trivia about the United States of America.

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