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By | November 4, 2021

Are you planning to increase your knowledge about the American history with the help of a fun and exciting USA Quiz app? How about taking a USA trivia to increase your general knowledge and have fun? With this amazing history quiz app, you can not only learn about the US presidents but also enhance your knowledge about different aspects of the current USA situation, history, flags, states, presidents and other aspects. From exciting new quiz modes and multiple flag quiz styles to an appealing graphics and multi-device compatibility, this US Quiz is full of fun and exciting new things to learn!

Try US States & Presidents Quiz – USA History Trivia now!

USA Quiz On American History
Do you think you have got enough knowledge about the US states, presidents and geography? It is time to test your knowledge about the American history and USA Presidents with this amazing history quiz app. Use the different learning modules as a training ground to test and refine your general knowledge. Have fun with your friends or prepare for a test on American history effectively!

Beautiful, Improved and Detailed Graphics
Toss aside the boring learning and quiz app picks! With US States & Presidents Quiz – USA History Trivia, you get to experience the best graphics, appealing details and perfect layouts. The app is available in a light and dark mode, so you can switch your reading experience according to your environment. On top of that, every question from the USA trivia is accompanied with detailed graphics. For example, a geography quiz will have USA Map images and so on!

Multiple USA Quiz Courses and Modules
Bid farewell to complex learning and quiz app modes! Whether you want to build foundational learning about the USA map, US presidents and American history or you want to go pro with the past and present knowledge about USA, this US Quiz app is here for you. You can take 2 courses and 1 study module as available in this app.
1st course: It is all about the USA flag quiz, USA Map and States flags, States capitals, state borders.
2nd course: Main USA Quiz mode featuring more than 1000 questions from all the 50 US States.
Study module: An Encyclopedia with a full list of facts about US States and Presidents you need to know to successfully answer all study questions in Course 1 and Course 2 and beat the quiz. US States Encyclopedia includes 96 info-cards about US States, Capitals, Borders and Presidents. U.S. States & Presidents Quiz 2.0 app includes more than 1700 questions about the US States and presidents in total!

Exciting New US Quiz Styles
U.S. States & Presidents Quiz 2.0 includes 9 quiz styles and types:
1. Flag Quiz and States Quiz
2. State and Flags
3. Border map and States
6. State flag and Capital cities
7. Capital city and States
8. Photo/Portrait and President name
9. President name and Photo/Portrait

And three quiz modes:
1. Normal mode
2. Fixed quiz time mode
3. Fixed question time mode

Progressively Challenging USA Trivia ahead!
A little bit of challenge makes everything better! In this US Quiz app, we offer you a fair challenge: quizzes at the beginning are quick and easy, but with every completed quiz a new, more difficult quiz will be unlocked. We dare you to complete them all!

Works on every phone and tablet
U.S. States & Presidents Quiz 2.0 developed in a way so it can be launched at any smartphone and tablet.
App is optimized to work with old and budget devices.

Features of US States & Presidents Quiz – USA History Trivia
Simple and easy to use Quiz app UI/UX
Appealing USA Maps and US Presidents graphics with detailed information
Multiple USA trivia courses and 1 study module for effective learning
Challenging US Quiz app designed to increase your general knowledge
Learn more about American History by taking the history quiz
More than 9 different quiz style with almost 3 different Flag quiz modes
Light and dark theme available

Download and take US States & Presidents Quiz – USA History Trivia today!
– Quiz 2.0 is here!
– New improved app design
– New beautiful app look
– Two color themes: light and dark theme
– Presidents list now includes 46th US president – Joe Biden
– New progress system
– New award system
– Encyclopedia now includes presidents years of service
– Improved performance

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