Free Download My app earnings (for AdMob and Developer Console) 1.6.6 APK

By | November 12, 2021

IMPORTANT: This app is useful only if you are Android application developer (or Android application publisher) and you have application in Google Play. Otherwise it is useless for you.

This app is tool is intended for Android developers or publishers. You can see your net earnings from your apps in charts and on the widget. You can do simple analysis of the data and see it as simple reports and charts.

Supported data sources
– Google Play Developer Console Reports
– AdMob/AdSense Reports API

– Your personal data never leave this app. Logs sent Crashlytics and Google Analytics data are carefully anonymized.
– You can anonymize axes values in charts and share only trends of curves

Revenue Charts
Application supports multiple chart types
– Revenue by product
– Revenue sources
– Revenue by country
– Daily revenue
– Raw data report

Data export to CSV
– you can export parsed data to CSV and to your own analysis on them

– widget is designed to look similar to AdSense earnings widget

We may add more revenue sources and charts in next releases.

How app works?
– Application connects via official API to your developer account and parses data provided by these APIs
– You can see you data as various charts

IMPORTANT: This is NOT official app for viewing AdMob/AdSense/Google Play Developer console data). But it uses official API for both income sources. Please compare data in this app with your data and report any problem you see.

Version 1.6.x
– added support for 15% Google fee. You can change starting date in app settings
– improved token handling

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