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By | September 9, 2021

Why you must use Belly Fat Lose Exercise – Flat Stomach Exercise, Workout & Yoga?
1. How to lose belly fat in short time and get perfect bikini body abs?
2. Effective formula to burn belly fat and have flat stomach naturally at home?
3. You are tired of sweating in gym and unworkable diet. Need real time, home based Belly Fat Loss solution with personal coach to monitor.
Well, you will get solution of above all 3 problems here.

This app delivers formula from scientific research which can help you to lose belly fat at earliest. It’s not magics but systematic approach to burn stomach fat.

After lot of research & development and consulting many Endocrinologist Bariatric physicians, as well as Dietitian, Dr. Zio has brought you research & experienced based scientific Belly Lose formula to have flat stomach without medicines.

Belly Fat Burning formula is blend of time-tested Vedic Yoga (Hath yoga & Kundalini yoga), Exercise, Pranayama, HIIT & Nutrition (Diet). This Flat tummy formula will help you to reduce belly fat in most harmonious, healthy & natural way without any side-effects.

This belly fat burning exercise app is your virtual personal trainer in your pocket at home.
This personal trainer can track & monitor daily workout progress & diet plan with customised suggestions.

This app provides perfect shape flat stomach abs covering
1. Flat belly Yoga (Hath yoga & Kundalini yoga)
2. Belly fat burning Exercise (Power)
3. Flat tummy Diet by Dietitian
4. Daily Belly Tracker
5. Daily Weight loss tracker
6. Daily BMI Tracker
7. Performance measurement chart for effective result
8. Water intake tracker and reminder

– Offer research & science-based yoga & exercise training to lose belly fat at home only
– Demonstrating every step of exercise in 3D videos with voice guidance for beginners
– Personal trainer to keep track & coach
– Supports 18 languages – Voice instructions
– Track belly fat reduction every day and see your progress through chart
– Track belly fat loss plan progress and burned calories
– All home workout, no need of any instruments or Medicine
– Breathing exercise tips and advice on video
– Addition in-detail videos to understand Yoga poses, Pranayama & Exercises better way
– Daily healthy tips and guides on Fat burning workouts for women & women’s health
– More customise plans for each woman user
– Daily workout and diet tracker
– Customised workout reminders to remind you progress of your stomach fat loss
– Chart of daily burned calories, weight loss & BMI
– No gym, No equipment & No Medicine – No Side effects
– Nonveg / Veg / Vegan diet for all kind of users

Formula 4 Secret:
There are 3 difficulty levels for everyone – Men, Women, Beginner & Pro to help you get optimum result as per your requirement.
Vedic Food Plan
The trick is not necessarily how much you are eating, but rather what exactly you are eating.
This app have many of the foods that help prevent disease also seem to help to reduce belly fat.
Ancient Yoga
It is time tasted and highly proven blend of Hath yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Power Yoga & Ashtanga yoga for belly fat loss and can help you to get in shape and burn stomach fat by taking off unwanted pounds.
Vedic Exercise / workout + HIIT
Root cause of weight loss is more than just living a sedentary lifestyle, keeping optimal circulation can be easily fixed by set of power exercises & HIIT exercise. Such exercises have been shortlisted here and put them in perfect day wise plan.
Pranayama can easily neutralise free radicals and toxin in lymphatic system and therefore remove belly fat.

Easy, helpful and 100% FREE! What are you waiting for? Get best flat stomach yoga app in 2020 right now.
Wishing you successful Belly fat loss journey with us… Enjoy…

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🎼 New special Yoga rhythmic sound and transcendental music.
🏃🏼‍♂ lose belly fat yoga with expert training workout plan
🏃🏼‍♂ Customize your workout as per your mood
🏃🏼‍♂ Daily diet and tips
– fixed minor functional bugs

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