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By | September 9, 2021

Bel Canto Exercises is a voice training tool for singers with various vocal exercises. It can also be used for ear training and practicing solfege, chromatic solfege.

It has two player modes;
– Auto mode plays the exercises in a given range as usual.
– In Manual mode the pattern/scale of the exercise advances higher or lower on demand. This is similar to practicing with an instrument.

It has 34 exercises;

Repeated Tone
3 Tone
Major Triad ~ Descending
Major Triad
5 Tone ~ Descending
5 Tone ~ Descending Ascending
5 Tone
5 Tone ~ 3 times
5 Tone ~ Broken Thirds
5 Tone ~ Long Scale
Major Sixth
Major Sixth ~ With Repeat
Six Tone ~ With Repeat
Six Tone ~ Long Scale
Arpeggio ~ Descending
Arpeggio ~ Descending Ascending
Arpeggio ~ 2 times
Arpeggio ~ With a Turn
Arpeggio ~ With Skips
Major Scale ~ Descending
Major Scale
Major Scale ~ 2 Octave Descending
Scale to the Ninth
Tenth Scale
Tenth Scale ~ Descending
Tenth Scale ~ Descending Ascending
Tenth Scale ~ With Repeat
Scale To The 11th
Scale To The 11th ~ Variation
Rossini Scale
Voce Cuperto ~ One Octave
Voce Cuperto ~ 1 ½ Octave
Voce Cuperto ~ Two Octave

Exercise ranges can be set for a given voice classification.*
All scales can be played at any tempo between 50 and 260 bpm.
Exercises can be bookmarked for quicker reference.

The playing note of the scale is shown as text.
In the settings you can set the solfege system to be used within the app.
Solfege system choices are, English, Italian and Chromatic Solfege.

* Female/Male Advanced section can be used if classified ranges are limiting.
Fixed manual player range selector getting out of sync sometimes.

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