Download Vegamecum – Vegan recipes 4.4.1 APK

By | September 9, 2021

The Vegamecum app shows you instantly a selection of the best 100% vegetable recipes, without dairy and without eggs in the most complete way.

* A new vegan recipe highlighted every week so you do not miss ideas
* Modify the rations you want to prepare, and Vegamecum will adapt the quantities of the ingredients
* Follow the recipes in audio version so that your hands only have to take care of cooking
* Discover useful tricks and tips to make vegan recipes the easiest way
* Access to all the nutritional information of each of the dishes
* Prepare your shopping list so you do not miss anything when making your vegan recipes
* Program alarms and forget about the clock while cooking delicious vegan recipes
* Plan your recipes so that Vegamecum notifies you when you have to start cooking
* Save your favorite vegan recipes to have them always at hand
* Adjust the size of the letter so that you are more comfortable to follow the recipes

With the Vegamecum app it will be even easier to take care of your health, the planet and those who inhabit it
In this new version we have improved the compatibility with old Android versions.
Go ahead and try the update and if you like take a minute to leave us your 5 stars!

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