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By | November 4, 2021

US presidents and history – how much do you know about them?
Certainly you will know more after getting our USA Presidents & United States history trivia app!

Test your knowledge and learn more with this free awesome history quiz game!

History of the USA has been written by many remarkable presidents. Now is your opportunity to learn more about them.

How much do you know about American heads of state who had to make tough decisions during difficult times such as World War II or American Civil War?

With hundreds of questions and answers, this history trivia app will cover all 44 US presidents. You will learn all the most important information about them, as well as many interesting and unknown facts of their lives.

★ LEARN MODE ★ available in the game will let you learn everything you need to know about both recent and past presidents, such as:
• Donald Trump
• Abraham Lincoln
• Barack Obama
• George W. Bush
• Bill Clinton
…and many more!

In this Learn Mode you can browse president cards and display important facts and even quiz yourself with a mini trivia about that person! And if you’re hungry for knowledge and want to know even more, the app links to encyclopedia for the US president you are interested in!

★ MINIGAMES ★ are waiting for you to test your history knowledge after you got to know the presidents! Test yourself with a variety of questions and answers!

And finally, ★ TRIVIA CHALLENGE ★ is for the most curious American history fans out there. Lots of history questions and answers will surely put your knowledge to the test! And don’t worry if you get something wrong – at the end of each round there’s a Level Summary where you can review your answers and check the correct ones!

These history questions contain not only answers, but also extensive explanations where you can learn even more about 44 presidents of US history.

So – now it’s your turn! Take the challenge now and download USA Presidents Quiz completely free!

Ready? Then we’ll see you on the other side!
★ NEW MODE: Learn Presidents ★
– Bugfixes & improvements

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