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By | November 11, 2021

Tasdeeq is a Police powered initiative by concerned citizens of Pakistan to help secure our households & communities. This is being done in collaboration with Safe Pakistan Welfare Trust (SPWT).

Tasdeeq Pakistan is a Multiphased, Multipronged, Social Impact Initiative, which aims to change on one-hand the way Domestic Servants / Workers & Blue Collar labor are hired and on the other, through Education and Advocacy work towards the economic uplift and poverty alleviation of the hard working and honest Domestic worker & Blue Collar labor.

Technology would be leveraged to help identify & register Domestic worker & Blue Collar labor, and help them break the vicious cycle of poverty.

How did the idea of Tasdeeq come about?
-The increasing incidence of crime involving Domestic servants/worker & Blue Collar labor
-The vicious cycle of poverty which these Domestic servants/workers and their families live in, and increasing economic disparity which is forcing masses towards criminal activities.
-The prevalence of the “Island Mentality” of the Middle & Upper-middle class, and failure of the society to provide a social safety net to the workers.

Some Facts:

The crime rate in Pakistan as reported by the National Police Bureau, Ministry of Interior, has been increasing at a rate of 12.2% from 2012 – 2018 reported time frame.

With the increasing unemployment and deteriorating economic situation, crime rate is expected to grow exponentially.

Research studies from some of the most well respected universities all over the world, such as Harvard University and multilateral institutions such as IMF and World Bank, give weight-age to the point that when poverty increases, crime rate within a country goes up as well.

Micro Insurance

As a household owner, or a small medium sized business owner, we on a regular basis have helped our Domestic servants/workers & Blue Collar labor meet their, or their family’s emergency medical expenses.

-This could add up to hundreds of thousands of rupees on a yearly basis.
-Failure to assist our Domestic servants/workers at their time of emergency could result into them, or their entire families, in being pushed into abject poverty which could result in them potentially being driven onto the roads.
-Emergency medical expenses if not met, could also push these very workers into indulging in criminal activities, such as theft, or even kidnapping.

Tasdeeq Pakistan has partnered with EFU Life Insurance to provide household owners and small medium sized business owners an opportunity to buy health insurance for their workers for as little as Rs. 50 per month. You could possibly buy this insurance for your domestic servants/workers, and their families as well.

This is the best way to use your zakat & help meet your workers with their emergency medical expenses.

Future Poverty Alleviation Projects:

-Education fund for the children of your workers
-Micro finance opportunities for your workers.
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