Download NikAS Analytics Widget 2.8.0-PRO APK

By | November 12, 2021

Analytics Widget is a Google Analytics Informer which provides charts with metrics, trends and statistics in timeline view from Google Analytics service.

ATTENTION: Details Popup available by subscription less than 3$ annually. We need it to continue support and improve this application.

Supported languages: English, Deutsche, Français, Español, Русский, Українська, 日本語.

It has a lot of categories and metrics from Google Analytics which you can track. For example: Users, Sessions, Adsense, Adwords, Ecommerce, Ad Exchange, Site Speed, App Tracking, Traffic Sources, Global Conversions, Page Tracking, Internal Search, User Clicks, Event Tracking, Social Interactions, User Timings and etc. Track statistics from a lot of web sites at the moment.

Widget for Google Analytics has configuring dynamic period for Google Analytics report in Today, Yesterday, 7 Days Ago, 30 Days Ago, N Days Ago or static period as fixed dates.

Analytics Widget provides configuring comparison mode. You can compare the current period with the previous one. For example, compare users activity of the current month with previous or the same one a year ago.

Widget’s flexible configuration of the color scheme for user interface makes it possible to fit it into any design.
When device is offline all widgets display last loaded data with time tag.

All supported metrics: Users; New Users; % New Sessions; Number of Sessions per User; Sessions; Bounces; Bounce Rate; Session Duration; Avg. Session Duration; Unique Dimension Combinations; Hits; Organic Searches; Adsense; AdSense Revenue; AdSense Ad Units Viewed; AdSense Impressions; AdSense Ads Clicked; AdSense Page Impressions; AdSense eCPM; AdSense Exits; AdSense Viewable Impression %; AdSense Coverage; Goal Conversions; Goal Starts; Goal Completions; Goal Value; Per Session Goal Value; Goal Conversion Rate; Abandoned Funnels; Total Abandonment Rate; Page Value; Entrances; Entrances / Pageviews; Pageviews; Pages / Session; Unique Pageviews; Time on Page; Avg. Time on Page; Exits; % Exit; Results Pageviews; Total Unique Searches; Results Pageviews / Search; Sessions with Search; % Sessions with Search; Search Depth; Avg. Search Depth; Search Refinements; % Search Refinements; Time after Search; Avg. Time after Search; Search Exits; % Search Exits; Site Search Goal Conversion Rate; Per Search Goal Value; Page Load Time (ms); Page Load Sample; Avg. Page Load Time (sec); Avg. Domain Lookup Time (sec); Page Download Time (ms); Avg. Page Download Time (sec); Redirection Time (ms); Avg. Redirection Time (sec); Server Connection Time (ms); Avg. Server Connection Time (sec); Server Response Time (ms); Avg. Server Response Time (sec); Avg. Document Interactive Time (sec); Avg. Document Content Loaded Time (sec); App Tracking; Screen Views; Unique Screen Views; Time on Screen; Avg. Time on Screen; Total Events; Unique Events; Event Value; Avg. Value; Sessions with Event; Transactions; Ecommerce Conversion Rate; Revenue; Avg. Order Value; Per Session Value; Shipping; Tax; Total Value; Quantity; Unique Purchases; Avg. Price; Product Revenue; Avg. QTY; Local Revenue; Local Shipping; Local Tax; Local Product Revenue; Buy-to-Detail Rate; Cart-to-Detail Rate; Internal Promotion CTR; Internal Promotion Clicks; Internal Promotion Views; Local Product Refund Amount; Product Adds To Cart; Product Checkouts; Product Detail Views; Product List CTR; Product List Clicks; Product List Views; Product Refund Amount; Product Refunds; Product Removes From Cart; Product Revenue per Purchase; Quantity Added To Cart; Quantity Checked Out; Quantity Refunded; Quantity Removed From Cart; Refund Amount; Revenue per User; Refunds; Transactions per User; Social Actions; Unique Social Actions; Actions Per Social Session; User Timing (ms); User Timing Sample; Avg. User Timing (sec); Ad Exchange; AdX Impressions; AdX Coverage; AdX Monetized Pageviews; AdX Clicks; AdX CTR; AdX Revenue; AdX eCPM.
Version with unlimited number of widgets. Analyzing trends is also available with annual a paid subscription.

Added compatibility with Android 12; Support languages: DE, ES, FR, RU, UA and half JA; Add switcher of details button; Add switcher of rounded corners; Add segments; Add comparison total; Extends date diapason configuration;

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