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By | November 12, 2021

Beautify your screen with ten breathtaking “Makkah photos” which Mecca in Saudi Arabia live wallpaper brings to you! Enjoy the pictures of the beautiful Kaaba surrounded by many followers of Allah and decorate your phone or tablet with the best “Mecca live wallpapers” on the market! Ten mesmerizing “Makkah pictures” will remind you to celebrate your devotion to mighty Allah every day! Watch how millions of pilgrims gather around Kaaba, in a once-in-a-lifetime experience of Hajj to pray together! This free app for Android™ is an absolute necessity for all the true Muslims – show your love towards Allah by setting your background image to these HD wallpapers of the Holy City of Mecca – the home to one of Islam’s holiest places – the Kaaba!

How to install:
Home → Menu → Wallpapers → Live Wallpapers → Mecca in Saudi Arabia

♥ Animated elements floating on the screen;
♥ Choose the speed and number of objects;
♥ “Islamic wallpapers” for your phone or tablet;
♥ Choose from five HD background images – more live wallpapers are added daily – collect all ten of them;
♥ Optimized usage of the battery – the app will sleep when your device is inactive;
♥ Free and always will be!
♥ “Mecca in Saudi Arabia background” completely supports horizontal orientation and looks great on smartphones and tablets.

Be enchanted by ten wonderful “Makkah themes” featured in this free live background! See the Sacred Mosque, Al-Masjid Al-Haram, overlooking the Kaaba – during the day, or by night, the sight of this magnificent structure will certainly captivate you! If you are looking for “Kaaba wallpapers” and a “Mecca theme”, you are in luck – “Mecca in Saudi Arabia” backgrounds HD offer you a choice of ten adorable Islamic pictures with animated particles! Celebrate Islam and show your devotion to Allah with the most beautiful Mecca live wallpapers! Bow your head before the mighty Allah, pray around the Kaaba, follow the path of Muhammad, and eternal happiness shall be granted to you. Enjoy your best new “Islamic wallpapers and backgrounds”!

Mecca in Saudi Arabia occupies the holiest place in Islamic tradition. Show to everybody that you are a true Muslim with ten amazing pictures of breathtaking Makkah! Download this “Makkah wallpaper HD” free of charge and see why it is truly one of the best “Islamic backgrounds” on the market! The birth place of prophet Muhammad, the holy city of Mecca is one of the most amazing cities in the world! Get this free download right now and beautify your home screen with the best Islamic pictures and Mecca backgrounds on the market!

If you are not able to got to Makkah this year, download these free live wallpapers and be closer to your religion! Send you prayers to your fellow Muslims and to your one and only God, Allah! This collection of ten “Makkah Kaaba HQ” pictures will remind you of the importance of Hajj – you will never be alone as long as you have these background images on your phone or tablet! The Grand Mosque, the Kaaba and millions of followers of Allah can now decorate your screen! Get these amazing “Islamic live wallpapers” for Android™ and enjoy your new desktop backgrounds. All you need to do is download this free app, install it on your phone and start using these wonderful animated backgrounds. “Allahu Akbar”!

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* New update brings you even more live wallpapers and deluxe backgrounds for phones and tablets!
* No more worrying about annoying bugs and errors – we have eliminated them all!
* Keep sending us comments and suggestions, we take our customers seriously and try to meet all your needs!

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