Download Izesan! Speak Esan! 1.5.4 APK

By | September 10, 2021

Izesan! Speak Esan! is an African language-learning app for kids and adult beginners to African language and culture.

Select from over 30+ lessons to learn African words and sentences.

Play various games to test your African language skills.

Earn gifts and points as you learn to fill up your gallery.

Monitor your growth on the public scoreboards as you continue to learn more African languages.

Chat with fellow African language learners to share tips and advice.

African culture is rich and her languages are spoken by millions of people in across the continent and beyond.

Izesan! Speak Esan! is fun and exciting, combining colorful graphics, animations, games, text and sound to make learning an African language easy to learn.
This build contains new updates. TimeSlots according to user timezone. Now user can earn KOBOS in their AZA BANK. And lot more new stuff added to app.

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