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By | September 10, 2021

Currently, Ahoy works with Synergy maritime group to help them find the best crew for their ships. Soon it will work with multiple fleet managers and owners to give you the option to find the best sailing posting possible.

With Ahoy you can:

• Create your detailed profile, store all your certificates, resumes and any other important professional document.
• Get notified on expiring documents so that you can renew them without losing any potential sailing time!
• Communicate with Synergy manning team to update them on your availability and receive notifications from them on potential sailing opportunities.
• Receive crucial industry regulation changes, fleet alerts, and circulars, even when onshore.
• Improve safety and working conditions across the fleet by reporting unsafe situations.
Receive pay-slips, update allotment details and raise any issues you have directly with the Synergy administrative staff.
• Share your own innovative ideas for problems that every ship faces.

This is the first version of the app. please use it, and tell us all about it whether you love it or not. Your feedback will help us improve the app and make it more useful for every seafarer in the world!

Upcoming features in the next version:
• Ability to receive all your tickets, travel letters and agent information on the phone – no more juggling multiple emails.
• Know your NRI days remaining, so that you can declare your availability accurately.
Get document requests from Synergy staff.
And many more!


Please ensure that all documents you want to upload are in your local file storage.
~ Issue with some users unable to login fixed
~ You can now submit Medical Insurance Declaration for self alone
~ Any critical updates to app are now forced and you must update the store to user the app
~ Document names (Certs, Travel docs, Medical…) are cleaned up
~ When you add a new document under Certs, Health, Travel you will be listed with those specific ones now and not all
~ Broadcasts, Surveys are now sorted better ensuring latest, incomplete ones comes first

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