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[Recorded for the past 8 years! Past Paper with All Questions Commentary]

▼ How to use the app
Easy to use.
“Solving-answer matching-review with commentary”
Immediate review is the key point to take root on the spot!

If you want to solve all the questions in the image of an exam, ask the past questions.
If you want to study intensively in a field that you are not good at, you can ask questions by field.
You can use it properly according to your learning situation.

▼ Recorded past exam questions
・ Reiwa 3rd semester questions (10 questions only. Will be added sequentially.)
・ Reiwa 2nd term problem
・ The first half and the second half of the first year of Reiwa
・ First half and second half of 2018
・ First half and second half of 2017
・ 2016
・ 2015
・ 2014

▼ What is a second-class architectural construction management engineer?
Construction management engineer One of the national qualifications. Under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. It is necessary to pay attention to the notation because the classification is 1st grade and 2nd grade.
The national examination is conducted once a year (implemented by the General Incorporated Foundation Construction Industry Promotion Fund).

It is recognized as a qualified engineer assigned to each business office, which is one of the permission standards for each general construction industry and specific construction industry, and a chief engineer and supervising engineer assigned to the construction site. Handles small-scale construction.

・ Exam subjects
Level 2 chooses architecture, skeleton, or finish in the academic test. Architecture and regulations, construction management method for architecture, skeleton construction management method for skeleton, finishing construction management method for finishing, construction management method for construction in practice, skeleton construction management for skeleton In the case of law and finishing, there is a finishing construction manager method.

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