Best 5 APK Blogger Templates for Free to Download

By | December 11, 2021

Best 5 APK Blogger Templates for Free to Download

Most people want to use a blog platform where they can start an APk downloading site. There are only limited templates and features with bloggers but don’t worry, in this post I will share 5 of the best free template options available on Google Sites that make your website look just like an app store!

Top Best 5 APK Blogger Templates for Free to Download

The blogger platform is now the most popular topic in today’s market, and people want to create MODS or apps that can be downloaded from an app store. The blogs provide only limited templates with few features but don’t worry; I will show you how to get around those limitations using one of ten best looking theme sites available on blogger right now!

Pure APK Template: 

A perfect choice for bloggers who want to share their app reviews on blogger platforms! This theme is smooth, responsive and fast-food ING blog template created by MS design. If you are thinking about running an APPs sharing website through a blogging platform then try this one out – it will be worth your while in every way possible


Pure APK Template is a sleek and simple blogging theme for bloggers who want to share their recipes, crafts projects or knowledge with the world. The design includes everything you need such as an easy-to-use editor built right WordPress so that creating beautiful content has never been easier than it should be!

Page of Contents

  • (1) Pure APK
  • (2) Sure APK
  • (3) Blue APK
  • (4) Green APK 
  • (5) Andro


This burger blog template comes fully equipped out of the box but if there’s anything else about this site Wha.You’ve come here looking specifically because we offer custom fonts & colors – no problem (or at least not without some extra coding)

Sure APK Template

Best 5 APK Blogger Templates for Free to Download

Sure APK Template is one of the most beautiful and professional blogger templates available. It comes with unlimited color options, SEO optimized code which will help you rank higher in search engines like Google or Bing!

Sure APK Template is an awesome mobile responsive template that will make your blog stand out from the rest. With unlimited color options and SEO optimized code, you’ll be sure to have a successful site with this one!


The Sure APK Template is a responsive and SEO optimized blogger template. It has features like Unlimited Color Options, which are important for most visitors on mobile sites!

Blue APK template 

Best 5 APK Blogger Templates for Free to Download

Blue APK template is another great way to make your blog stand out. Best 5 APK Blogger Templates for Free to Download

This responsive and set-up timed webpage design allows you the user some easy features like featured apps, games list (including recent posts), wallpapers gallery etc., all in one place!


Blue APK Template: Here we have another template called “Blue Apk.” This is a responsive and Set-up timed blogger site made by MS Design. Make your own user friendly android app download page using this amazing free proposer!

Green APK template

Best 5 APK Blogger Templates for Free to Download

The Green APK template is a simple app site that can be used to create your own download page for Android apps. It’s not as flashy or popular among developers, but it has been around since before the release of Blue templates – so if you want something old-school then this may suit your needs!


The Green APK Template is the oldest version of Blue, or rather its father. This template can be used to make simple app sites with just some info about apps and download links for them!

Androstore Templates:

Best 5 APK Blogger Templates for Free to Download

Androstore Templates A great way to give your site that Android app store vibe with the orange color. This template provides everything very clear and shows every option like Downloads, Share button, version in such a good manner so you can be sure no detail is left out! If having an attractive APK blog on Google Chrome web browser isn’t enough for ya’, then take this opportunity as well; because we’ve got plenty more templates available here at Androstore .com


Androstore templates: a perfect option for All  bloggers who want an Android app store vibe and the orange color to match their site’s branding. This template provides everything very clear, so you know what options are available on each page without having too many unnecessary secondary functions floating around distracting from what really matters but they  content!


The Androstore Templates are a great option for anyone looking to create an attractive blog about Android apps. The orange color of this site makes it more fun and charming, while the clear layout provides everything you need without any confusion or clutter!


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